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Rabid Anti-Americanism + Speech in Harlem = Blackfolk Support

I guess it comes to no surprise to anyone familiar with the militant wing of the blackfolk community that they basically don't have the U.S.' best interests in mind. So THIS THREAD should come to no surprise to anyone.

" Citgo, which is owned by the government of Venezuela"

Ummm, I didn't know that. I think I start making more of an effort to buy gas at Citgo.

yobachi2003 <-- Well known Afrocentrist militant in LJ circles and against Blacks mixing with other races.

And then there's this, where Chavez is considered a good guy because he has black people working with him. It doesn't matter if you're a Communist Fidel Castro wannabe, as long as you support black people, then you're A-OK. One wonders what if Adolf Hitler supported militant Blacks in order to undermine the U.S. during WWII, would he be supported too by the militant wing of BF as a great guy, like Castro and Chavez?
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It is in the best interests of all races to strive for ethnic self-determination regardless of who it may "offend." You're trying to marginalize geuine racial movements by associating them with figures that are widely-considered "evil" such as Castro or Hitler.
I'm not associating them with anyone. I'm pointing out a fact, that the militant wing of the blackfolk lj group loves this guy just because he hates America and has a few Black people working with him. You should be giving this speech to the blackfolk militants, not me. If it's such a concern about who they are associated with, then they shouldn't associate themselves with assholes such as Chavez or Castro.
He should hate America. America (ground zero for modernity) is the multicultural self-indulgent cesspool of shapeless plastic consumerism that is the nemesis of all ethnocultures being destroyed by it. Public opinion and any "negative associations" are merely incidental when it comes to the authenticity of ideas. The Afrocentrist wants self-preservation and quite naturally sees America as the enemy.
I was pretty happy about what Chavez said the other day. I even found it humorous.

He's got a right to his ire. I mean, just personally, Bush supported a coup to overthrow him and Pat Robertson called for his assassination.

I'm not crazy about his socialism, but, as you know, I support national socialism. It's when it goes international and pan-racial/humanist that I drop my support. Still, Europe and Latin [sic] America are understandably concerned with their well beings in the face of Amerisrael hegemonic coercion...which is a form of international socialism in its own right.

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The whole "Ancient Egyptians were Black" is the least of the factual crimes that Afrocentrists commit, because there were some Black Egyptians, just not all of them like they claim. Some of the more outlandish ones are that the Ancient Greeks were Black, and that the reason that many of the statues are missing their heads is to hide the fact that they were Black. Another one is their claim that the Phoenecians were Black. Another one that strikes close to home for me is their claim that the first Chinese empire was Black. Just because there are references to the "Black Shang Dynasty", of course they take the "Black" part of that as literal. It's as if they want to steal everyone's heritage.

Recently, I see some of the Afrocentrist militants trying to link certain Native American tribes with Blacks, as if they were in fact Black and not descendants of Asiatic tribes that migrated 40,000 to 80,000 years ago.

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Yeah, I heard about the recent finds of bones that came from Europe, interesting. I don't have any agenda to claim Asians came to the U.S. first, so whatever they find out, I'm all good with the truth. Afrocentrists though seem to have no interest in the facts. Quite sad and pathetic.

I'm seriously considering starting another community to debunk Afrocentrist claims.

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I'll be working on it later to fill in the missing info etc.