asianrevenge (asianrevenge) wrote in race_forum,

Leftwingers who use anti-racism to squelch free speech - A new trend?

To be anti-racist, is it necessary to squelch the Constitutionally protected free speech of others who you dislike? It's also becoming increasing clear that double standards are also the modus operandi of the Communists and Pseudo-Anarchists [mostly thugs with little understanding of anti-statism and just like to break stuff] who use anti-racist language to promote their hatemongering.

"Sorry, no, I do not recognize the cultural concept of free speech for this group. Just like I don't accept the concept of racism against white people, I don't accept the concept that this action has"censored" the Minute Men."

The above individual is who dictators like Stalin used as their ideological officers. It's amazing how easy it is to dismiss the opposition's rights based on idealistic goals.

"Unlike many liberals I'm not overly concerned with free speech. I think people have tons of freedom to speak, but most have absolutely nothing to say... and even fewer listen critically."

In other words, your freedom to speak depends entirely on the political correctness of what you say and if it passes muster by those like myself and other like-minded individuals.
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