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the only non-racist (or so it seems...where are the rest of you hiding?) in the group

hi, everyone (that is, if this group isn’t completely dead yet).


here are some of my posts and i’d like to know what y’all think (excuse my lack of capitalization and whatever else):




subject: you think the only people who are people are the people who look and think like you.

Message: idk where i stand w/ illegals...well, i am a big portion native american, maybe i do. *ahem* =/ so...*sigh*. i'd rather not continue.

but honestly...okay, i hate it when people break the law, BUT they have such a good reason to! :( so...um, what did y'all think about the immigration issue w/ europe? do tell. i'd like to hear. not to be a snob, or anything. LOL. :|

i'm happy they brought over Christianity. which is my life, well, soon to be, anyways...BUT they didn't need to be so BRUTAL about it. the majority were hypocrites (what men intended for evil, God meant for good…that goes for slavery as well, but i’m not getting into that!). idk. if i had a secular life, i'd love to have lived like my native american ancestors. but, then i wouldnt be Christian. but i'm just saying IF i weren't Christian. and maybe there could’ve been missionaries who converted us, but didnt take over our land…<i>Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest; come taste the sunsweet berries of the Earth; come roll in all the riches all around you and, for once, never wonder what they're worth.</i> well, i’m not complaining. what’s done is done.

i dont hate anyone who hates Mexicans or others for whatever reason (i used to be semi-racist to blacks…i’m working on it). i've come to realize that we're all victims of our demons. but...in the end, you'll be taking responsibility for your actions, of which you have the choice to choose, on your own. =/


<b>this whole immigration issue is, in fact, and shamefully, a <u>RACE</u> issue.</b> as i said, i wont hold it against anyone. i hope y'all hear me out and understand where i'm coming from. *sigh* and don't try to deny it. anyone can see through it. and what’s even lamer is that so many racist white americans themselves have native american (not to mention black) in them. dna tests should be mandatory; i bet there’d be less racism. or maybe it will be proven one day that adam and eve were black. hopefully. the world would be a better place. there is no such thing as a pureblood, especially american ones. it’s all up to whoever finds the proof.




message: i think the native american way of living is much more superior than “western”, and any other, culture. i sometimes wish y'all had just left us alone.

(question: are the majority of people on this community racist? i feel so out of place! but race is an interesting issue, and i guess i dont mind sharing it with the likes of y'all...and yes, y'all are racist. i'm not even going to begin!).




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