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Race Forum

Discussion of Race & Racial Issues

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All Members , Moderated
This is a group where people can discuss all aspects of race and race issues. People of all races are welcome here, as are all viewpoints -- anti-racist, racialist, multiculturalist, liberal, conservative, scientific, postmodern, etc.

Please read the Rules before posting.


1. No personal insults, flaming, or swearing at people.

2. Racial slur words may be employed only in quoted references or as topics of discussion. Racist name-calling, including jokes, is not permitted.

3. No off-topic advertisements. You may advertise race-related communities, literature or services.

4. Definitions of concepts and terms vary from person to person and group to group, and what one person considers innocuous, another may find highly offensive. In a topic as charged as this one, it's difficult to prevent such misunderstandings from occurring. The best rule here is not to assume that things look the same to the other person as they do to you. If what someone else says offends you, or vice versa, take the time to pinpoint the area of disagreement and clarify your position to the other person. Only by bringing both sides' unspoken assumptions into the open can such issues be resolved.

Those violating Rules #1, #2 and #3 will first be warned, then banned if they continue. This forum is not intended as a "safe space" for any particular group, but I do intend it to be an environment for rational, civil discussion.